Founder service is our North Star
We invest on first principles
We align around each founderʼs point of view
We aim to be founderʼs first phone call
Our Story

Mission-driven founders are truly in it for the long haul. They’re a breed apart. It takes time and sacrifice for them to make their vision a reality. As a result, their work can be lonely. It’s like wandering the wilderness with nothing but a 100-year plan as your north star. At FPV, we’re with them from the start, and we’re here to support them along the way — all the way.

Founders We Back

We believe that the world’s most exceptional and impactful companies are created by missionaries, not mercenaries.

At FPV, we index on founders that are driven by a purpose and have deep conviction in what they’re doing, like:

  • Mel and Cliff at Canva who are empowering everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere
  • Rachel at Guild who is unlocking opportunity for America’s workforce through education. 
  • Ryan and Ben at Flexport who are making global trade easy for everyone
  • Jake and Tasuku at Strand who are re-inventing mRNA therapeutics that can target specific cells for delivery

Truly mission-driven founders see the world differently. They may be misunderstood or written off, only to be seen as geniuses later when they change the world. We spot that genius early — and support them —  from the beginning.

Our Backers and LPs

We are proud to be managing money on behalf of numerous cause-driven organizations, such as universities, hospitals, foundations, and research organizations, whose missions mirror those of our founders and whose good works make our work all the more meaningful.