FPV Team Photo

Pegah Ebrahimi

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Pegah Ebrahimi is an advisor to or investor in many category defining startups, including Snyk, Canva, Guild, Applyboard, and PsiQuantum. Founders want to work with Pegah because of her world class go-to-market expertise, which she developed during her tenure as COO of Morgan Stanley’s Technology Investment Banking, COO of Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Collaboration business, and the youngest global CIO of Morgan Stanley Bank.
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Wesley Chan

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Wesley Chan is an early investor in five $10B+ Decacorns and 20+ $1B+ Unicorns, including Canva, Guild, Dialpad, & AngelList. He was first check into Flexport, Robinhood, Plaid, & Gusto. Founders want to work with Wesley given his product-led growth expertise that he developed when he founded Google Analytics and Google Voice during his 14 year career at Google. He also holds 17 patents for his work on building Google’s early Ads system.
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