Re-inventing mRNA therapeutics that can target specific cells for delivery


Jacob Becraft


Our mission is to use programmable mRNA to deliver life-saving therapies to help treat and potentially cure certain types of cancers.  The result is that many cancer patients will have a new class of powerful tools to help fight what would otherwise be a death sentence.

Our work comes out of MIT’s Synthetic Biology Center.  The story of what we’re doing is incredible and complex. Pegah started working with Strand as an advisor and helped us refine that story, so we could better describe our powerful mission — as well as how and why it would work — to investors.  As the markets for life-science investments started to become a roller coaster, Pegah made sure we had access to the best investors and capital to ensure that our important work could continue to succeed.  

I often text Pegah for her advice, and her response is always quick and thoughtful.  We are excited to be part of a round that FPV led, and so excited that Pegah can join us as part of this journey as one of our first phone calls and as a trusted part of our board and our team of amazing investors.  The mission and journey may be long and complex, but with Pegah and FPV on our team we’re more excited than ever to start our human clinical trials and help change the standard of care for an untold number of cancer patients.